There Is Still Beauty in the World: Places Where Biodiversity Still Exists

We are aware that the planet is in a continuous process of transformation and one of these transformations is the constant diminution of the biodiversity. We watch it every day and some of us are doing something to stop it. Others do nothing and some make it even worse.

It is in the news, it is everywhere: the environment is endangered and the media makes sure we know that every day.

But there is still hope and there are still places on Earth where people can find a lot of species and a lot of wonders. And every day, those places are flooded by people who want to witness this, so it proves once again that there is still hope.

There are places on earth were biodiversity continues to last. For instance, coral reefs hold a quarter of all the marine species. They can be found in the Red Sea near the Egyptian desert, in the Yucatan peninsula or in the Florida Keys. These are truly amazing ecosystems that have not been yet been destroyed by urbanization or other kinds of human influence. They abound in life.

The same kind of natural beauty can be found in the tropical rainforests around the world – in Africa, Asia and South and Central America. In all these places, you will meet about half of the life you can find in the world. They produce about 40% of the world’s oxygen, even though they occupy about 6%

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of the Earth’s surface. They are a masterpiece of nature, with the four layers of trees, the many species of monkeys that live in there, the more than 1,400 species of plants that give us about a quarter of the medicine we use daily.

But rainforests are endangered by human influence, unlike the coral reefs. We could say that it is a good thing that rainforests are not easy to interfere in, although there are enough other factors that put them in danger.

There are many other species that live in the desert areas around the world. They are considered lifeless environments and unfriendly to life, but they

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hide about 6,000 plant species and an impressive number of insects and birds.

We have a wonderful world and places where biodiversity can be found. We just need to try to keep them around as much as possible.

How Air, Soil and Water Pollution Affects Biodiversity

There are a few factors that influence biodiversity in a negative way. One of the main ones is pollution. It influences the things that surround us: soil, air and water. The definition of pollution is negative in every way: it is the contamination of the environment with harmful substances. Nothing good can come out of that. Everything that comes in contact with pollution is endangered – we, as humans, and the whole planet.

Soil pollution is the first one to harm biodiversity. It leads to a high level of acid in the soil, something that does not favor an abundance of life in the affected areas. Acid soil will slowly turn into a lifeless area. Plants are the first ones to be affected by soil pollution, because they are the ones that take their nutrients directly from the ground.

Another way the soil gets polluted is with toxic metals that usually infiltrate the soil after acid rains. This phenomenon is created by the

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emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere (such as sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide). It is once again pollution that causes these emissions. And it is again mostly plants that have to suffer from acid rain.

Another way biodiversity is affected is by the cultivation of plants that do not belong to a certain environment. They will only stifle the native vegetation from the area and reduce biodiversity.

Air pollution is no less harmful to the environment that soil pollution. In this case, it is not only plants that are affected, but also animals, including us humans. Plants absorb the necessary gasses from

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the air, but they also absorb the ones that do not help them live. Vegetation starts absorbing the harmful substances through its leaves and slowly begins to deteriorate. There is no need to mention the fact this creates a chain reaction: plants are at the base of the food chain, so all these deterioration processes affect the other species, too.

Water is a vital substance that nourishes the entire planet. It is almost needless to say how water pollution can endanger species: there were many cases where thousands of fish were found dead on shores because of chemical substances that were spilled in lakes or rivers. But this is the worst case scenario. There are also less aggressive ways of polluting water that have the same effect on biodiversity.

Little Things That Each of Us Can Do to Help Preserve Biodiversity

We live in such a rich and beautiful world. We tend to forget that, though, being so caught

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up in our daily routines. But from time to time we are reminded about our planet’s wonders, and we should at least, in those moments, try to do something about protecting and preserving its biodiversity.

Let’s do an imagination exercise and visualize that the entire world is a dry steppe where we humans are the only inhabitants. Apart from the fact that our species would not survive in such conditions, we would have nothing to see, nothing to admire, nothing to make us think that our life is complex.

In spite of this, biodiversity is endangered every day, mostly because of our own actions. And to think that it we could actually prevent that simply by putting our minds and efforts together.

We could start with simple things that each of us can do with little effort: not wasting paper, not wasting energy for our daily needs, reducing the amount of packaging we buy with our food. Even just that, done on a regular basis and in unison, would mean something to the planet.

Another step in preserving nature’s wonders would be reducing pollution, one of the main causes of species extinction and habitat destruction. We are thankful every day for the fact that technology makes our lives easier, but because we are so addicted to it, we endanger our planet.

Every day, the process of creating technology is poisoning the environment and thus, destroying the places were other species live. The substances used in technological processes are even harming some species’ ability to reproduce.

Practicing more sustainable agriculture would also help preserve the environment
Climate change is another factor that contributes to the loss of the planet’s richness. And sadly, we are the ones to blame – once again – for the actual warming tendencies

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in the world’s climate. For example, the reduction of greenhouse gas emission would considerably slow down the warming process. This is caused by two most important factors: cutting down forests and the burning of fossil fuels.

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind:” it is a saying that applies in this scenario: if each of us took one step in this direction, the world would still be a wonderful place, even in a hundred years.